From sport to everyday life.

"Mental Economy also offers an answer to corporate and professional needs: management of psychological pressure and stress, mental clarity, decision making abilities and teamwork are not exclusive prerogatives of athletes."

The experience gained in the world of professional sport has enabled us to develop a version of MET® dedicated to companies and professionals.

The programs, all highly personalized, help the professional to achieve a state of psychophysical well-being that improves work performance and corporate relationships, by focusing on the development of a deep level of self-awareness.

Developing a deep awareness of oneself is an essential condition for self-knowledge and consequent acquisition of extreme mental flexibility. Awareness and flexibility are the two factors that enable optimization of resources in all conditions, even when outside the comfort zone, improving emotional control and self-confidence and supporting the prevention of burn out.

Mental Economy Training® can also be applied to Team Building, Workshop or Company Incentive activities. Participants can be engaged in real competition, with the same tests and devices used by Formula 1 drivers and other leading athletes, allowing them to tackle important issues, strictly connected to the corporate world, in a healthy sporting environment where there is also no lack of light-hearted moments that cultivate maximum interaction between participants and operators.